Looking forward

Wealth strategy designed for you

Older can be the best years of your life.

You’ve worked hard to look after the past and present and plan for the future. You made the most out of your income and have always put some away for when you could one day enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Of course you want a more secure and comfortable retirement. You may even have doubts about your current provider.

At ScotiaMcLeod it’s all about listening and learning first – well before we create any plan. We’ll sit down with you and listen. Listen to what you want out of retirement – whatever it may be.

We’re not here for us, we’re here for you. We’re committed to our clients’ well being in every respect.

Our commitment goes beyond a well- structured portfolio designed for growth and security. We’ll help you with day to day spending and budgeting needs as they arise. We see ourselves as far more than just your financial advisor. We’re here to help you make the right decisions, within the context of your portfolio’s assets, income and growth strategy.

It’s all designed to get you the retirement – ‘the older’ you’ve always wanted. We really do see you in your dreams.

See for yourself if we have a style and manner and investment strategy that suits you better. There is a difference in our approach. You’ll feel it the minute you walk into our office.

Travel? Golf? Boating? Relaxing on a beach? You may simply have grandchildren you’d love to spend more time with as they explore their new world and as they grow. You absolutely want to be part of their formative years and even help their financial future get started on a strong footing.

Whatever you want to do or may even have to do, we can help you not only realize those goals but help you manage your budget, your income and investment earnings all on an individualized basis.

At ScotiaMcLeod we not only help you with your investment goals, we’ll help you with day-to-day spending and budgeting needs as they arise. After all we aren’t, and neither do we see ourselves as just your financial advisor, but also as your life advisor- helping you make the right decisions, within the context of your portfolio’s assets, income and growth strategy.

The more we know, the more we can help.

Your financial advisor should be your trusted friend, your partner, an inspiration, a coach and a mentor. An advisor dedicated to building your portfolio can assist you in identifying your problem areas, develop strategies to help you reach your financial goals, assist you in setting priorities, save you time by researching investments and help you make money with your investments. Be an active retiree and and an active investor, It’s good for you.